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Diamanlab is intended for the solution of nonlinear parametric problems by means of a higher order continuation method implemented using automatic differentiation. Written in Matlab, the software comes with a Graphical User interface.

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Morpheo is a Matlab package intended to the study of particle morphology by Fourier analysis. A pebble chart is proposed to assess the abilities of the software. Attention is brought to the Weibull distribution introduced to enhance fine variations of particle morphology. MORPHEO is freely available for research purposes.



Rapsodia is intended for the computation of higher order derivative information of numerical models written in Fortran, C or C++ by automatic differentiation. Rapsodia consists of two parts:

  • A Python-based code generator that produces a C++ or Fortran library for the propagation of univariate Taylor polynomials for a given derivative order and number of directions. The code generator relies on inlining and loop unrolling to aid subsequent compiler optimization.
  • Implementations of the algorithm that interpolates derivative tensor entries from Taylor polynomial coefficients provided for both, C++ and Fortran.

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Prim-Eau dataset and software

Daily dataset of air temperature, precipitation and discharge over the Maginot Water Line during the last century (in development).

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